Nea Paphos VI

  • Zofia Sztetyłło, Nea Paphos VI. Pottery Stamps from Nea Paphos (Excavations in 1990–2006) (=PCMA Monograph Series 2), Warsaw: PCMA UW, University of Warsaw Press, 2010

    Warsaw 2010
    ISBN 978-83-235-0702-4
    192 pages
    Hard cover

    The publication is the sixth volume of the Nea Paphos series presenting the results of research by Polish excavation missions. It is also the third of Professor Sztetyłło’s books on stamps on amphorae handles from this Cyprian site. It deals with material from excavation seasons between 1990 and 2006 (for her previous research, see the Nea Paphos series).

    The pottery stamps date from between the 3rd century BC and the 2nd century AD. They are presented in an alphabetical order, by the names of eponyms (officials supervising trade exchanges) and the fabricants who produced amphorae in their pottery workshops. Each stamp is provided with a comprehensive list of parallels which illustrates the intricate network of contacts between manufacturers and supervising officials.

    Included with the volume is a CD containing the full catalogue of stamps.

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