STATEMENT of the PCMA Directors on security issues in Egypt

In view of repeated acts of terror and growing tension in Egypt, in keeping with recommendations from the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology, University of Warsaw, advises directors of archaeological missions to refrain from undertaking work in Egypt starting from September 2015 until further notice.
It is the responsibility of the directors of missions organized under the auspices of our Centre to inform members of their teams of the dangerous situation and to make sure that it is understood that the Centre cannot be held responsible for the safety of persons participating in the excavations, and that measures for increasing safety implemented by the Centre may prove insufficient.
Every stay in Egypt by team members of foreign nationality must be submitted to the respective national consular services abroad. Please, be aware that standard insurance policies for work and travel in Egypt do not cover any costs incurred as a result of acts of terror.
Team members traveling to Egypt to take part in research projects will be asked to sign a statement saying that they are conscious of the risk involved. It is recommended to persons already in Egypt to carefully monitor the situation, act according to instructions from local police and army forces, the Director of the Research Centre in Cairo (PCMA UW) and representatives of respective national diplomatic services.

Dr hab. Tomasz Waliszewski
Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology
University of Warsaw

Dr Artur Obłuski
Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology UW
Research Center in Cairo