Call for Papers: Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean 25

The Editors of the annual Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean (PAM) are calling for papers for the 25th volume, which is scheduled to appear by the end of 2016. The journal is published by the Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology, University of Warsaw in cooperation with the University of Warsaw Press. The volume will consist of two separate fascicles.

As in the previous issues, the first fascicle will comprise two sections. The first one, Reports, is reserved for articles on the work of PCMA expeditions in the seasons of 2014 and 2015. Directors and members of these missions are invited to submit summary reports or thematic studies relating to their latest investigations. The second section, Studies, is open to research articles devoted to current or past PCMA research, as well as papers thematically and chronologically related to PCMA-led projects. The territorial scope of the journal’s interest comprises the ancient cultures of the Eastern Mediterranean, Near East, Persian Gulf, Southern Caucasus and north-eastern Africa. The chronological frame is very wide, from prehistory until the Early Islamic period.

The Editors are particularly interested in original studies on material culture, architecture and pottery, as well as presentations of innovative methods in archaeological research and documentation. Archaeobotanical or archaeozoological analyses, as well as archaeometric studies and reports on conservation procedures related to PCMA projects are also welcome. 

The second fascicle in this volume – the Special Studies – will focus on a relatively new direction in PCMA research: the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea regions. The idea for this volume has been inspired by the “From the Red Sea to the Gulf” workshop organized by the PCMA in 2013. Apart from contributions resulting from this workshop, new papers related to these subjects are welcome, especially those revolving round the subject of trade contacts in the region throughout the ages, the questions of intermediaries and the origin of natural resources.

While preparing your papers, please follow the current version of guidelines for Authors available on the journal’s website: Guidelines for authors

Be reminded that all submitted articles must be original, and the bylined author(s) must have the copyright to the submitted text, illustrations and documentation.

All texts will be read by independent reviewers (double blind review). The
deadline for submission HAS BEEN EXTENDED TILL 22th APRIL 2016.

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