International Conference: “Greco-Roman Cities at the Crossroads of Cultures”

The Interdisciplinary conference to be held in Wrocław on the 17–18 September will gather over 50 specialists in archaeology, architecture and epigraphy of the Greco-Roman period. The results of their research will be presented in 34 papers and several posters.
Over a dozen of the presentations will concern sites investigated by PCMA expeditions, mainly in Egypt – Alexandria, Berenike, Marea, Marina el-Alamein, Valley of the Kings (tomb of Ramesses VI), Deir el-Bahari (temple of Hatshepsut), but also in Lebanon – Jiyeh and Chhim, Syria – Palmyra, and on Cyprus – Nea Paphos.
The conference marks the 20th anniversary of the Polish-Egyptian Conservation Mission in Marina el-Alamein. The occasion was celebrated in May with an exhibition in the National Museum in Alexandria.
The site of Marina el-Alamein, located on the Mediterranean coast, west of Alexandria, holds the ruins of a Greco-Roman city which functioned between the 2nd century BC and the 6th century AD. It was located on sea and land trade routes leading from the east, mainly via Alexandria, to Cyrenaica and further west. Its position at the crossroads of cultures resulted in a syncretism visible in the art and architecture of the city investigated by several expeditions of Polish archaeologists, architects and conservators.
“Greco-Roman Cities at the Crossroads of Cultures”
17–18 September 2015
Museum of Architecture
5 Bernardyńska street, 50-156 Wrocław
Program of the Conference
Department of History of Architecture, Art and Technology
(Faculty of Architecture, Wrocław University of Technology)
Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology (University of Warsaw)
Centre for Comparative Studies of Civilizations (Jagiellonian University)
InterAcademy Institute of Conservation and Restoration of Works of Art
Scientific Board:
Professor Wiktor A. Daszewski (University of Warsaw)
Professor Michał Gawlikowski (Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology, University of Warsaw)
Professor Patrizio Pensabene (Sapienza University of Rome)
Professor Tomasz Waliszewski (Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology, University of Warsaw)
Professor Jacek Kościuk  (Wrocław University of Technology)
Professor Rafał Czerner (Wrocław University of Technology)

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