Sheikh abd el-Gurna: Manuscript Conservation Mission (Egypt), 2015

Sheikh Abd el-Gurna Manuscripts Conservation Mission (Egypt)

Dates of work: 8 November–30 December 2015

Acting director: Anna Thommeé, senior conservator of art works (Polish Ateliers for Conservation of Cultural Property)
Coptic Museum liaison: Sherin Lotwi Aziz
Book restorer: Dominika Popiołek (freelance)

Three medieval manuscripts (one parchment and two papyrus codices), found in 2005 at the Coptic hermitage in Sheikh Abd el-Gurna by Tomasz Górecki’s team and now kept in the Coptic Museum in Cairo, are still undergoing conservation treatment. Monitoring resulted in further recommendations for safe storage of the manuscripts even as the project had to be suspended for financial reasons.

Text: Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean 25

A. Thommeé: anna.thommee(at)