Qumayrah Valley (Oman), 2017

Qumayrah Valley

Second season of prehistoric investigations in the

Dates of work: 4 November–16 December 2017



The prehistoric sub-project is part of the Omani–Polish Qumayrah Valley Project directed by

Prof. Piotr Bieliński (Institute of Archaeology, University of Warsaw).

Sub-project Director: Dr. Marcin Białowarczuk, prehistorian/archaeologist (Institute of Archaeology,
University of Warsaw)
Omani representative: Sulaiman Al-Jabri (Department of Archaeology and Excavations [Bat office],
Ministry of Heritage and Culture, Sultanate of Oman)
Archaeologist/documentalist: Agnieszka Szymczak (PCMA UW)
Archaeologist/surveyor: Magdalena Antos (freelance)
Documentalists: Marek Puszkarski, drawing (PCMA UW), Adam Oleksiak, photography (freelance)


In the second field season of the Omani–Polish Qumayrah Archaeological Project, the prehistoric leg of the team conducted investigations of previously discovered lithic sites in the vicinity of Al-Ayn village. This paper summarizes the results of archaeological testing at three open campsites codenamed Qumayrah-Ayn (QA) 2, QA 6 and QA 12. The investigations provided new evidence of intensive Stone Age settlement of the Qumayrah Valley (also known as Wadi Fajj). The data, comprising lithic tools and some shell and stone beads, indicate that the occupation of these sites should be dated to various stages of the Neolithic period.


The authors would like to thank Dr. Sultan Saif Nasser Al-Bakri, Director of Archaeology in the Ministry of Heritage and Culture of Oman, and Mr. Sulaiman Al-Jabri of the Department of Archaeology and Excavations, Ministry of Heritage and Culture, Sultanate of Oman, Bat office, for their help and support for the project, as well as the local authorities for their kind interest and for popularizing the project’s results and archaeological knowledge among the local community.