• María Eugenia Aubet Semmler (1943–2024)

    We have received the sad news that Professor Dr. María Eugenia Aubet Semmler passed away on Saturday, 17th of February 2024. She was the long-time director of the Spanish excavations in Tyre, Lebanon, and a leading specialist in the field of Phoenician-Punic studies. Professor M.E. Aubet, Emeritus Chair of Prehistory at Pompeu Fabra University in […]

  • Prehistoric and metallurgical sites in northern Oman surveyed by PCMA UW

    In late December, an expedition of the Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology of the University of Warsaw (PCMA UW) returned to Poland, having conducted archaeological research in northern Oman. The focus of the season was the search for traces of ancient metallurgy and remnants of Bronze and Iron Age settlements in the Hajar Mountains. The […]

  • Results of an archaeometric project by Dr. Maciej Wyżgoł shed light on houses in Old Dongola

    A recently-concluded research project conducted by Dr. Maciej Wyżgoł shed light on the functioning of various spaces within houses in the medieval city of Old Dongola in Sudan. The project “Histories imprinted on floors. Functioning of households in Old Dongola after the fall of Makuria in the light of the multielemental analysis of occupational surfaces” was funded by […]

  • Marek Tycjan Olszewski (1962–2024)

    We were saddened by the death of Dr. Marek Tycjan Olszewski, archaeologist, expert in ancient art, assistant professor at the Faculty of Archaeology, University of Warsaw. Marek Tycjan Olszewski was particularly interested in the study of visual arts in Greco-Roman culture, especially mosaic representations, the interpretation of which he devoted many scientific works. Among other […]

  • PCMA UW expedition’s discovery nominated for the MocArty 2023 award

    The discovery of paintings from Old Dongola (Sudan) by an expedition of the Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology, University of Warsaw has been nominated in one of radio RMF Classic’s MocArty competition categories. The winner will be selected in an internet poll that will conclude by 25th February. The discovery of new paintings by the expedition […]

  • PCMA Seminar in the ‘Pot Talks’ series on metric analysis methodology in ceramic studies

    During the next meeting of “Pot Talks” series we will host Dr. Meredith Brand (the American University in Cairo). The topic of the presentation is “Measuring Pots in Egypt: A Discussion and Review of Metric Analysis Methodology”. Meredith Brand is a co-director of the Wadi el-Hudi Expedition and the project’s ceramicists. She currently is an […]

  • PCMA Seminar: Multielemental analysis of domestic floors at Old Dongola

    The upcoming PCMA Seminar will showcase the results of a project conducted by Dr. Maciej Wyżgoł of the Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology, University of Warsaw. Dr. Wyżgoł will deliver a presentation ‘Multielemental analysis of domestic floors at Old Dongola, Sudan (14th–17th century).’ Abstract: “In this seminar, I will present the results of the implementation […]

  • “About Soba and archaeology” – meetings in schools

    Over the past three months, 24 meetings between archaeologists and students have been organized in seven elementary and high schools in three voivodeships. The aim of the project “About Soba and archaeology” is to interest schoolchildren in topics related to archaeology and to acquaint them with the results of research conducted in Sudan by an […]

  • Articles from PAM 32/2 available online

    Articles from the latest issue of the journal “Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean” (PAM) can now be found online. As with all other issues of the journal, texts from fascicle 32/2 are open access. The PAM journal publishes articles on a wide range of topics, from the results of archaeological, geophysical, conservation and restoration work […]

  • PCMA Seminar: ‘Pot Talks’ series on the technology of pottery production from Old Dongola

    After the Christmas break, the “Pot Talks” PCMA Seminar series will resume on Thursday, 25th January, with a presentation: “Variability in constants or constancy in variables? The technology of pottery production in post-medieval and modern Nubian societies from Old Dongola and its vicinity” by Bogusław Franczyk (Doctoral School of Humanities). Abstract: “During numerous ethnographical researches, it was […]

  • In Memoriam Ibrahim Musa Mohammed Hamdon

    It is with a heavy heart and profound sorrow that we extend our condolences on the passing of Professor Ibrahim Musa Mohammed Hamdon (1953–2024), General Director of the Sudanese National Corporation for Antiquities and Museums (NCAM) and professor of archaeology at Neelain University. Professor Musa was not only a distinguished academic but also a leader […]

  • Shota Mamuladze (1952–2024)

    We deeply mourn the sudden passing on 10 January 2024 of Shota Mamuladze, Professor Emeritus of Archaeology at Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University, the Co-Director and Friend of the Polish-Georgian Gonio-Apsaros Expedition. Professor Shota Mamuladze was a distinguished archaeologist, museum scientist, specialist in the archaeology of Georgia, head of the study of one of the […]