Rafał Czerner (1958–2024)

We were deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Prof. Dr. Eng. arch. Rafał Czerner. He was an architect and researcher of ancient architecture, with research interests including modern and medieval architecture, ancient architecture and the conservation of archaeological sites.

Professor Czerner was a lecturer at the Faculty of Architecture at the Wrocław University of Technology, where he headed the Department of History of Architecture of Art and Technology. He was also an active member of the International Council for the Preservation of Monuments and Historic Sites (ICOMOS) and the International Association of Egyptologists, and a graduate of courses at the International Center for the Study of the Improvement and Development of Methods for the Conservation of Cultural Heritage (ICCROM).

He has participated in many archaeological and conservation expeditions around the world, including in Egypt, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Peru and Bolivia. He worked with the expeditions of the Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology of the University of Warsaw in Egypt since 1986, for more than 10 years participating in research on the temple of Tuthmosis III in Deir el-Bahari, as well as in the conservation mission to the temple of Hatshepsut. Since 1996, he participated in the Polish-Egyptian Conservation Mission in Marina el-Alamein, heading the expedition from 2012 to 2018.

We extend our condolences to Prof. Czerner’s Family.

A funeral mass will be held on Friday, May 10th at 11:30 am at St. Lawrence Church in Wroclaw (51 Bujwida Street).