Dr. Mahmoud El-Tayeb and Dr. Grzegorz Majcherek appointed as associate professors

We are pleased to inform you that Dr. Mahmoud El-Tayeb and Dr. Grzegorz Majcherek have received positive opinions for appointment as professors at the University of Warsaw, by the resolution of the Senate of the University of Warsaw.

Dr. Mahmoud El-Tayeb has been associated with the University of Warsaw since 1976, first as a master’s and doctoral student, and then as an academic teacher and researcher. Since 2018, he has served as head of the PCMA UW Research Centre in Sudan. His research interests focus on the archaeology of Sudan, especially funerary rites and related material culture. He has conducted numerous excavations in Sudan, most recently at tumulus cemeteries from the early-Makurian period (mid-4th to mid-6th centuries CE). These investigations are part of Dr. El-Tayeb’s “Early Makuria Research Project”.

Dr. Grzegorz Majcherek is the head of the PCMA UW expeditions working at Kom el-Dikka in Alexandria (since 2002) and Palmyra (since 2010). He also participated in the work of other PCMA UW projects in Egypt and Syria. From 2001 to 2012, he served as deputy director of the PCMA UW. His research interests focus on the classical period, especially on issues related to the history of Alexandria – and more broadly, Egypt – in the Roman period, as well as Palmyrene architecture, ceramics and epigraphy. He is also a specialist in ceramics, particularly Roman and Byzantine amphoras.

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