Archaeo-Oriental Studies Seminar: Keepers of Tradition

During the latest archaeo-oriental seminar, Dr. Joanna Ciesielska (Faculty of Oriental Studies, UW) and Agnes Dudek (Adam Mickiewicz Institute) will present their research results on “Keepers of Tradition Communicating status via attire among Sudanese women”. 

Abstract: The aim of the project was the investigation of customs concerning traditional garments and the way in which they are used to communicate one’s status through ethnological fieldwork among modern Sudanese women. Previous research indicates that in Nubia, women were the keepers of traditions and cultural practices and as such, they may constitute the greatest repository of historical knowledge. The project entailed 6 weeks of anthropological fieldwork with selected Sudanese communities representing different ways of living: rural Miseeda in northern Sudan and Soba East in Khartoum’s suburbs. The core of the project is close international cooperation with Sudanese researchers and local communities, which will serve strengthening and expanding the potential of humanities research conducted at the University of Warsaw, reinforcing the position of our research community in the world. This research constituted a pilot study into the continuity of everyday customs and traditions among modern Sudanese women, as a part of a large-scale investigation of the women’s lived experience in historical Sudan.

The seminar will take place on Monday, 6th November, at 5 pm UTC+2 on Zoom: Link

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