PCMA Research Centre in Khartoum evacuated among Sudan turmoil

We are relieved and happy to welcome back in Warsaw Dr. Mahmoud El-Tayeb, head of the PCMA UW Research Centre in Sudan, and his family. But we remain devastated by the news of the suffering and destruction inflicted by the military conflict on the people of Sudan.

Dr. El-Tayeb and his family were evacuated from Khartoum and safely transferred to Poland thanks to the efforts of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the assistance of Mr. Stanisław Guliński, from the Polish Embassy in Khartoum, Ms. Anna Chabros, Consul of the Republic of Poland in Cairo, responsible also for Khartoum, and Mr. Jakub Wawrzyniak, Consul General of the Republic of Poland in Cologne. We thank them sincerely!

Our thoughts are with our Sudanese colleagues, friends, and all collaborators of our expeditions who, like the whole civilian population of Sudan, are affected by the fighting and its consequences.