Jerzy Trzciński (1959–2022)

Dr. Jerzy Trzciński, a geoarchaeologist from the University of Warsaw and a participant of research projects of the Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology, died suddenly at the age of 62. He worked with PCMA UW expeditions in Egypt: Sakkara (2010-2015), Berenike (2012, 2013) and Tell el-Retaba (2016).

He co-authored articles on the results of geoarchaeological, GPR and paleoclimatic studies in Sakkara. In Berenike, he conducted geoarchaeological studies and co-organized GPR research with Dr. Anna Maria Kotarba Morley. More recently, he has been involved in archaeometric research, particularly of clays used to make bricks in ancient Egypt, including at the site of Tell el-Retaba, and of faience from Ptolemaic Egypt.