Workshop: Mortuary practices in post-Roman Berenike

Archaeological expedition working in Berenike (Egypt) is organizing a presentation of the latest results of the research on funerary customs in this Red Sea port. The workshop entitled “Mortuary practices in the post-Roman Red Sea port of Berenike and the Eastern Desert (Egypt and Sudan)” will be held online.

Abstract: “During the last excavation season, a new chapter of research was opened in Berenike. It is devoted to the burial customs of the inhabitants of this Red Sea port in the post-Roman period (4th-6th centuries AD). On the north-western necropolis of the city, tombs of a form uncommon for the Egyptian Eastern Desert were uncovered. They contained ossuaries and chests with contracted bodies of many individuals. Numerous elements of funerary equipment and objects connected with burial rituals and the cult of the dead were also found. The aim of the workshop is to present preliminary archaeological results and to discuss the heterogeneous nature of the cemetery.”

Program (PDF).

The workshop will take place on Wednesday, April 27th, 2022 from 12 am to 4 pm CET on Zoom. To obtain a link, please email the organizer, Dr. Mariusz Gwiazda:

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Some of the presentations have been published on the PCMA UW YouTube channel.