PCMA scholar’s seminar: In the footsteps of Hadrian

This week’s seminar at the PCMA UW Research Centre in Cairo will feature research by PCMA scholarship holder Urszula Laska. Her presentation is entitled “In the footsteps of Hadrian. A short journey through the Roman Empire“.

Abstract: Hadrian took over the Roman Empire at the time of its greatest territorial extent and flourishing economic situation. He focused on improving the functioning of the state and sought to raise the standard of living in the provinces. During his travels, he got to know the needs of the people living in all of the Empire, which during the 21 years of Hadrian’s rule has undergone several changes and become even more powerful.

The seminar will be held on Tuesday, 4th May 2021. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the event will not be open to the public.

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