PCMA Seminar: Naqlun. Old issues, new directions

The latest in the “PCMA Seminar” series will be an online presentation of the newly resumed research project at Naqlun in Egypt. The seminar, entitled “Naqlun. Old issues, new directions” will be hosted by Dr. Robert Mahler (PCMA UW, expedition director), with Magdalena Skarżyńska (PCMA UW, conservator) and Joanna Wysocka (PhD student at the Institute of Immunology and Experimental Therapy PAS).

The new opening in Naqlun comes after a five-year break and a change of the expedition director. It gives the opportunity to revisit research issues that were at the core of the old project, which opened in 1986, and to present new directions for the continuing project. The seminar will focus on a reassessment of the situation at the site after the first month of fieldwork in March 2021, a presentation of current challenges and outlining the program of research and conservation for the coming season.

The seminar will be held on Thursday, 22 April at 11 am on Zoom. To participate, please write to Dr. Robert Mahler (r.mahler(at)uw.edu.pl) in order to obtain a link.

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