Conference “Stone Canvas” in Cairo – programme

PCMA Research Centre in Cairo and Institut français d’archéologie orientale (IFAO) have the pleasure of inviting to the international conference STONE CANVAS: TOWARDS A BETTER INTEGRATION OF ‘ROCK ART’
 AND ‘GRAFFITI’ STUDIES IN EGYPT AND SUDAN. It will be held in Cairo on 10th–12th November 2019.

The IFAO and the PCMA are organising a joint conference on ‘graffiti’ and ‘rock art’ in Egypt and Sudan. One of the aims of the symposium is a broader contextualisation of this pictorial heritage to be achieved by bringing together various data and approaches. A discussion will entail both rock art and graffiti (including inscriptions) from many periods, from its onset in prehistory until Medieval and even later times. Such a broad spectrum of pictorial sources should give participants a basis for debating more general questions of terminology and theory. In turn, various case studies will allow researchers to discuss and compare specific issues related to pictorial motifs and their interpretations.

This conference intends to focus on internal dialogue which may, hopefully, lead to the development of closer relations and cooperation between local archaeological sub-disciplines mainly associated with iconography. Expected outcomes include: defining common ground for research, refining selected terms and definitions, as well as establishing strategies for more extensive incorporation of rock art and graffiti studies into mainstream archaeology.

Sessions of the conference will all take place in Cairo, at the IFAO and the PCMA.

In order to guarantee the workshop nature of this scientific meeting, only a limited number of attendees will be allowed. Unfortunately the organizers may have to decline some applications and they will consider the needs and research fields of the applicants.The selection should not be seen as an academic evaluation.

The event is organized by dr Paweł Polkowski who specializes in the rock art of North Africa. Dr Polkowski is the current Ifao-PCMA Post-doc fellow in Cairo.

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