Workshop on pottery from the Bayuda desert

An international workshop on the pottery from the Bayuda desert in Sudan will take place in Gdańsk this July. The event is organized by the Gdańsk Archaeological Museum, the Heritage Protection Fund and the PCMA Polish Archaeological Unit in Khartoum. 

The three-day workshop will focus on presentations of actual ceramic materials and discussions of their chronology, technology and function. Apart from the Bayuda desert pottery also ceramics from the GAME project in the 4th cataract region will be presented. The workshop will be presided over by Henryk Paner and Elżbieta Kołosowska, with individual sessions chaired by Jacke Philips, Laurence Smith and Mahmoud El-Tayeb.

The workshop will take place on 18–20 July 2018 in the Column Hall of the Gdańsk Archaeological Museum.