Here it is: our new website!

We are happy to present the new PCMA website. The old one was with us for 15 years – hardly more than a flash from an archaeological perspective, but in Internet terms – more like an archaeological period. During these years our institution itself has also undergone many changes. In our new website we intend to highlight these changes, while at the same time underscoring the tradition upon which the present day PCMA has been built.

This continuity is best perceived in the Research section, where we aim to present descriptions of all field projects – both current and past – conducted under the auspices of the PCMA. The main page brings information on current events in the news section, but also lists ongoing fieldwork projects. After all, PCMA missions are working in the field almost all year round.

Apart from information imported from the old page, we have presented on our new website comprehensive information on the formal structure of the PCMA, as well as about its goals and research clusters. More space is dedicated to our overseas branches: the Research Centre in Cairo, and the newly founded Unit in Khartoum. An expanded section on our publications facilitates access to books and articles on the results of our fieldwork. And a search function makes it easy to reach any information present at the site. The visual side of the website is based on the orange color associated with the PCMA logo, complimented by one of University of Warsaw blues.

The publication of the new website does not mean, work on its contents has been completed. Much remains to be done: from filling in gaps in the English version of the site, to adding photo galleries, links and other data to the published project descriptions, not to mention introducing new ones. This task can be made easier by feedback from our readers. We hope you will find it useful.

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