Kom el-Dikka, Alexandria: opening of the visitors’ route

Downtown Alexandria is the location of the Kom el-Dikka archaeological site, where an entire city quarter has been uncovered by Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology University of Warsaw archaeologists, working in close cooperation with the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities. Over 50 years of excavations they uncovered many secrets of the ancient town, from its topography and architecture to the manifold manifestations of a resplendent ancient lifestyle. Among the monuments they brought to light in excavations, and later conserved and restored, is an imperial bathhouse and the oldest known "university".
A major part of the Kom el-Dikka Project is the ongoing extensive restoration process, aimed at ultimately transforming the entire site into an Archaeological Park. On the 1st of April 2017, a major part of the Park is set to open to visitors. H.E. Prof. Dr Khaled El-Anany the Minister of Antiquities will officially inaugurate the visitors’ route at the site in the presence of H.E. Michał Murkociński, the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland, and  Prof. Marcin Pałys, Rector of the University of Warsaw.
A specially designed visitors’ route will allow for a direct contact with all essential monuments. Starting from the theatre, the visitors will pass the monumental colonnaded portico framing a complex of auditoria – ancient lecture halls. Then they can enjoy a view of the bathhouse, private dwelling houses and finally the "Villa of the Birds" – a modern shelter housing a unique set of colourful mosaic floors presenting exquisite geometrical and figural motifs – the only such presentation in Egypt.