CONFERENCE: Poles in the Near East, 2017

For the second time we are organizing a conference focusing on Polish research in the Near East. It is meant as a forum for exchange of information and ideas among archaeologists and conservators working within different projects in this broadly-defined region, including the Arabian Peninsula, the Caucasus and Central Asia.

The conference is co-organized by the Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology, University of Warsaw and the Institute of Archaeology, University of Warsaw. It will take place on 25–26 May 2017. Presentations will be 20 minutes long, and communiqués – 10 minutes long. Poster presentations are also welcome.

Deadline for proposals is 17 April 2017. They should include an abstract of up to 1500 characters (with spaces) and be addressed to Dr Zuzanna Wygnańska ( zjwygnan at ).

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