Knight’s Cross of the Order of Rebirth of Poland for Mariusz Dybich

Mariusz Dybich received the Knight’s Cross of the Order of Rebirth of Poland conferred on him by the President of the Polish Republic Bronisław Komorowski. The ceremony took place in Cairo on 10 December 2013 and the order was presented by the Polish Ambassador, His Excellency Piotr Puchta.
The Order was conferred on Mariusz Dybich for outstanding achievement in sustaining the Christian spirit between Poland and Egypt and for his charitable social work among the Coptic community of Mukattam, the poor rubbish-collectors’ district of Cairo.

Mario, as he is known to the residents of Mukattam, has worked for twenty years, sharing his mind, skills and heart with the local community. Among his many contributions is his carving in the rock faces of Mukattam hill, raising heads and spirits to the greater glory of the Lord with his religious carvings inside and outside of the church and assembly caves, which have drawn thousands of pilgrims from around the world to see this small miracle being worked on the heart of Cairo. Mario has also planted a hundred trees and takes care of them for the monastery. He has also created a small collection that may grow into the community’s own little museum. In this, he draws on his other life, namely his work for the Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology of the University of Warsaw.

He contributes his many talents to the daily administration and maintenance of the Centre’s resources and has also participated in the work of the field missions, among others, in the archaeological and restoration project in the Temple of Hatshepsut in Deir el-Bahari and in the digging of the Old Kingdom tombs in the necropolis in West Saqqara.
Mario lives in Cairo with his wife Mona, a Coptic Egyptian, and his two daughters.

Robert Wieczorek OFMCap, Koptowie. Staliśmy się śmieciem tego świata, Kraków: Serafin
Photos thanks to the courtesy of: P. Bartosiewicz, K. Bartoś, A. Jurgielewicz, D. Nastarowicz, J. Ordutowski, R. Ryndziewicz, Z.E. Szafrański

The Polish Centre of Archaeology would like to thank Ms D. Nastarowicz and Mr P. Bartosiewicz for making accessible the photographs from Egypt. Likewise, we apologize for the previous, inappropriate manner of publishing the pictures.