Palmyra – The Palmyrenian Tariff (Syria), 2011

Palmyra Tariff (Syria)

Dates of work: 14–23 May 2011


Director: Prof. Michał Gawlikowski (Institute of Archaeology, University of Warsaw)

DGAM representatives: Dr. Khalil al-Hariri (Curator of the Palmyra Museum), Rania al-Rafidi (Palmyra Museum)

Archaeologists: Dr. Krzysztof Jakubiak (Institute of Archaeology, University of Warsaw), Dr. Karol Juchniewicz (independent)

Museum documentation: Mrs. Krystyna Gawlikowska (independent)

The exact location of the famous Tariff slab, removed from Palmyra to St Petersburg in 1901, had not been recorded. Its position was established using old photographs and fieldwork was carried out to confirm it. A wide paved road that was also revealed running at the base of the south wall of the Agora calls for a major reconsideration of ancient city topography. The remains of a small archaic shrine preserved in front of the Agora were also recognized and connected with the sanctuary of Rab‘asire mentioned in the Tariff text.

[Text: PAM]

M. Gawlikowski: