Naqlun (Egypt), 2016

Deir el-Naqlun

Dates of works: 5 September–6 October 2016
Director: Prof. Włodzimierz Godlewski, archaeologist (Institute of Archaeology, University of Warsaw)
SCA representative: Osama Yousuf Abdelmenam (Fayum)
Archaeologist: Szymon Maślak (PCMA UW)
Ceramologist: Katarzyna Danys (PCMA UW)
Papyrologist: Assist. Prof. Tomasz Derda (Institute of Archaeology, University of Warsaw)
During the 2016 season in Naqlun, dedicated to an array of specialist studies of material in the storeroom, the team documented one of the hermitages located in the hills west of the monastic compound. The work was necessitated by evident illicit digging which had partly destroyed the compound. The hermitage, which occupied a small valley, appears to have comprised at least three living units, furnished with rock-cut storage pits in the floor and niches in the walls. The doorways and niches bore traces of architectural rendering. The complex may be interpreted tentatively as a residential and religious complex, and it is a good example of a mid-5th century hermitage, the dating confirmed by a study of the pottery assemblage coming from it.

Acknowledgments: An effective study season was ensured with assistance from the SCA authorities in Cairo and the cooperation of the Department of Islamic and Coptic Archaeology in Fayum.

Text: Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean 26/1


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