Marea (Egypt), 2011

Marea (Egypt)

Dates of work: 13 July–24 August 2011

Director: Krzysztof Babraj, archaeologist (Archaeological Museum in Kraków)
SCA representatives: Mr. Abd Alaziz Mohamed Said (archaeology), Mr. Saad Mohamed Saad (conservations)
Archaeologists: Dr. Nina Willburger (Württembergischen Landesmuseum, Stuttgart; Anna Drzymuchowska (Archaeological Museum in Kraków)
Architects: Daria Tarara (freelance), Assoc. Prof. Jacek Kościuk (Wrocław University of Technology) Civil engineer: Dr. Janusz Kogut (structural mechanics expert, surveying supervisor, Kraków University of Technology)
Restorers: Joanna Babraj, Tomasz Skrzypiec (both Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków)

Polish excavations at Marea, a site 45 km southwest of Alexandria in Egypt, have been carried out on the grounds of an agreement between the Archaeological Museum in Kraków and the Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology of the University of Warsaw. The 12th season of explorations was at the same time the 8th in the area of the large Christian basilica situated by the lake harbor of the town. It was dedicated to clearing the architecture behind the apse of the church, on the lakeshore. The biggest find of the season was a set of Greek ostraka, 264 in all, from AD 450–500, discovered by the southeastern corner of one of the buildings. Regular building conservation was undertaken inside the building of the basilica.

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K. Babraj: