Iraqi Kurdistan survey project: Newcomers and Autochthons (Iraq), 2017

Iraqi Kurdistan survey project: Newcomers and Autochthons

Dates of work:24 August–20 October 2017

Director: Assist. Prof. Dorota Ławecka, archaeologist (Institute of Archaeology, University of Warsaw)
Documentalist: Romuald Jeziorowski
(Joint description of seasons 2016 and 2017)
The paper presents the results of the last two field campaigns (autumn seasons of 2016 and 2017) of the “Newcomers and autochthons” project, conducted since 2013 within the framework of the UGZAR (Upper Greater Zab Archaeological Reconnaissance) project in the Upper Greater Zab area of the Kurdistan Autonomous Region of Iraq. A short preliminary account on the sites found during this period is followed by an overview of the Ninevite 5 settlement pattern based on data gathered over the course of six seasons of prospection within the research area.

Text: Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean 27/1

D. Ławecka: dorotalawecka(at)