Gebelein, Khozam and el-Rizeiqat (Egypt), 2013

Gebelein, Khozam and el-Rizeiqat (Egypt)

Dates of work: March – April 2013

Director: Wojciech Ejsmond (independent)
MSA representative: Abd el-Hady and Ali Mohmed Ahmed (Esna Inspectorate)
Archeologists: Cezary Baka (student, Université Paris-Sorbonne), Julia M. Chyla, GIS specialist (UniGIS, Jagiellonian University in Kraków)

A field reconnaissance in the region of Gebelein, Khozam and el-Rizeiqat in 2013 was aimed at obtaining information on site topography and state of preservation, even as it tested mobile GIS devices and remote sensing analysis to improve usage procedures in field prospection. Archival maps and satellite imaging were used to locate archaeological features, analyze changes of landscape and modern expansion of the cultivation zone from the natural alluvial plain into the low desert area.

[Text: Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean 24/1]

W. Ejsmond: