Dakhleh Oasis (Egypt), 2011

Dakhleh Oasis (Egypt)

Dates of work: 8–17 February 2011

Coordinator: Prof. Michał Kobusiewicz (Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poznań branch)
Archaeologists: Ewa Kuciewicz (Institute of Archaeology, Jagiellonian University), Paweł Polkowski (Poznań Archaeological Museum), Eliza Jaroni (independent)

Research by the Petroglyph Unit in the 2011 season was concentrated on recording two sites. One was site 6/09 in the Central Oasis, a multicultural site unusually rich in rock panels bearing an abundance of representations of ostriches and of the sandal/foot motif. The other one was Winkler’s site 62 in the Eastern Oasis, mainly of prehistoric provenance, with an exeptional panel depicting seven artful images of anthropomorphic figures.

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M. Kobusiewicz: kobusiewicz@iaepan.poznan.pl
E. Kuciewicz: yevka@interia.pl