Project: Commercial contacts between the central Levant and Cyprus in the Iron Age. The case of Tyre

  • Principal Investigator: Dr. Francisco Jesús Núñez Calvo


    Project collaborators:
    • Dr. Michał Krueger, Faculty of Archaeology, Adam Mickiewicz University
    • Dr. Anna Georgiadou, Archaeological Research Unit, University of Cyprus
    • General Directorate of Antiquities, Lebanon

    The Small Grant (8th Edition) awarded by the Center for Research on Ancient Civilizations of the University of Warsaw (CRAC)

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    Since 2022


    USD 1 200

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  • Commercial contacts between the central Levant and Cyprus in the Iron Age. The case of Tyre

    Keywords: Tyre, Cyprus, Iron Age, Commercial contacts, Pottery

    The Iron Age cemetery of al-Bass is one of the most relevant sites for Phoenician archaeology in the Mediterranean. Used for almost 500 years, from the end of 10th to mid-6th centuries BCE, it offers insights into ritual and socio-economic aspects of life in the central Levant. Especially relevant is the presence of imports from Cyprus. The ceramic array recovered from the tombs represents one of the most numerous and most representative assemblages of Iron Age Cypriot imports in the Levant. It comprehends mostly big containers used as cinerary urns, with other, less frequent, forms like bowls and jugs.

    Preliminary studies have evidenced the involvement of more than one production center, whose relevance changed throughout the sequence. However, it becomes necessary to go deeper into the characterization of those imports and their socio-economic repercussions.

    The project involves consultations with Dr. Anna Giorgiadou, a member of the Archaeological Research Unit (ARU) of the University of Cyprus and a leading scholar in the study of Cypriot Iron Age pottery production. She has played a relevant role in the analysis and technological, chemical, and petrographic definition of all the diverse ceramic regions of the Island, which led to the creation of a complete catalog of those wares. The consultations will focus on examination of the ceramic assemblage currently stored in the facilities of the Lebanese General Directorate of Antiquities in Tyre.

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