Work for archaeologists and surveyors in Berenike

The Polish-American archaeological expedition to Berenike is looking for archaeologists and surveyors to work at this Red Sea harbour site in Egypt. The work is planned for November-December 2023.

The surveyors should have experience in operating a total station. They will be tasked, among others, with taking field measurements and preparing plans in a vector program.

The archaeologist should have experience in working on multiphase settlement sites and in preparing orthophotographic documentation.

The excavations last 5-6 weeks and will take place between November 1st and December 22nd, 2023.

For details, contact the expedition director:
– Dr. Mariusz Gwiazda, Polish expedition head –
– Dr. Emilia Smagur, field director –

Send your CV by the end of January 2023 to:

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