Three National Science Foundation Grants for the PCMA

We are happy to inform that three projects affiliated with the PCMA have just received funding from National Science Foundation grants.
Congratulations to the project heads on their success!
“Preludium 7” grants:
Iwona Zych: “Religious practices and beliefs in the "Red Land": religious building complexes and cult objects from the port of Berenike as a manifestation of the religiousness of the population of the Egyptian Red Sea coast and Eastern Desert from the mid 3rd century BC to the early 6th century AD
Urszula Iwaszczuk: “Opportunities for the El-Zuma/El-Detti and Tanqasi microregions economy research on the basis of animal bone remains from the funerary context
“Sonata 7” grant:
Dr. Artur Obłuski: “Nubian Monasticism. The role of religious institutions in the peripheries of the Byzantine world
There are now five ongoing grants affiliated with the PCMA. The three new projects join Dr. Katarzyna Lach’sStudies on the character of social contacts in Roman Alexandria based on numismatic research. Analysis of coin finds from Kom el-Dikka in the archaeological context” (“Fuga 3” grant, since October 2014) and Dr. Joanna Then-Obłuska’sA Reconstruction of Trade Contacts in Northeast Africa: An Interdisciplinary Analysis of Nubian Personal Adornment” ("Sonata 5", since April 2014).

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