Workshop: “Early Medieval Pottery in Egypt”

A joint workshop organized by the DAI and IFAO in Cairo on 24 and 25 September 2014 gathered participants from different missions working in Egypt to discuss “Early Medieval Pottery in Egypt (7th–10th century AD)”.
The workshop was dedicated to comparing different approaches to understanding the cultural transition of Egypt from Late Antiquity to the Medieval Age. The second day was devoted to reviewing knowledge of early medieval pottery in Egypt, both local and imported.
Presentations included the site of medieval Naqlun excavated by a team from the Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology (speakers mission director Prof. Wodzimierz Godlewski and ceramologist Katarzyna Danys-Lasek).

Also participating were pottery experts: PCMA UW staff member Anna Południkiewicz, working for the IFAO missions at the sites of Tebtynis in the Fayum and Baouit, and Julia Górecka, member of Polish teams in Egypt, also working for the IFAO mission at Tebtynis. Dr Grzegorz Majcherek representing the PCMA UW project in Alexandria could not attend.
A lecture on the IFAO work at Fustat was given by Roland Pierre Gayraud, dedicated in memory of Goerge T. Scanlon.