Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean 22 available now

The latest, 22nd volume of the Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean (PAM) journal brings reports on field excavations and conservation projects carried out by teams from the Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology of the University of Warsaw (PCMA UW).
The reports section encompasses 32 articles predominantly covering the results of the 2010 season of work on sites in Egypt (Alexandria, Marea, Tell El-Retaba, Tell El-Murra, Tell El-Ghaba, Deir El-Bahari, Valley of the Kings – Tomb of Ramesses VI, Sheikh Abd El-Gurna and Berenike), Sudan (Dongola, Banganarti, Selib and Hagar El-Beida), Lebanon (Jiyeh), Syria (Palmyra and Tell Arbid), Kuwait (As-Sabbiya) and Iran (Khone-ye Div).
The studies section brings along nine articles on various issues related to PCMA-led excavations at the sites of Bahra 1 (Kuwait), Tell Rad Shaqrah and Tell Arbid (Syria), Saqqara and Deir El-Bahari (Egypt), Bijan Island (Iraq) and Dongola (Sudan). All the richly-illustrated articles are published in English.
A list of all projects carried out by PCMA missions in 2010 published in the Reports section provides brief résumés of the research that had not been reported on in this volume.
Abstracts of articles from volumes 20–22 and full text of the previous 19 volumes are available online at the PAM Journal’s webpage www.pcma.uw.edu.pl tab PAM Journal.
Full text of all articles from the latest volumes of PAM is accessible online at the Central and East European Online Library (C.E.E.O.L)