Workshop: From the Red Sea to the Gulf

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We would like to invite all scholars and students to a workshop: FROM THE RED SEA TO THE GULF. New directions in PCMA UW archaeological research which will take place at the University of Warsaw, on 18th and 19th October 2013.
Panel discussions, which are a crucial part of the workshop formula, will follow presentations of current PCMA research and invited papers by international specialists.
The first day of the workshop will concentrate on issues related to current PCMA research in Kuwait, with the themes of the day being:

  1. Processes of "Ubaidization" southward from the culturecore: Ubaid expansion, Mesopotamian influences and local development.
  2. Tumulus-cemeteries: phenomenon restricted to the Gulf-region cultural horizon or a more expansive phenomenon characterizing marginal areas (desert outskirts) inhabited by nomadic and semi-nomadic pastoralists; paucity of finds from burial mounds and their disturbingly broad chronological spread.

The second day’s presentations will revolve round the results of Polish-American excavations in the Red Sea harbor of Berenike:

  1. South Arabian presence on the western shores of the Red Sea: The “Lotus Temple” — proof of regular South Arabian presence in the Red Sea harbor of Berenike in the 4th–5th centuries; Arab presence on the Red Sea coast of Egypt — commercial, religious and social aspects; South Arabian presence and Axumite influences in the archaeological record in Berenike and its environs

The workshop is open to all participants. There will be no participation fee.

For information and to sign up please contact the organizers:
Joanna Rądkowska and Łukasz Rutkowski at
or write to