Prince Eustachy Sapieha’s gift for the Research Centre in Cairo

Prince Eustachy Sapieha’s heirs have recently donated 28 volumes to the book collection of the PCMA Research Centre in Cairo. In a letter to its Director, Sapieha’s daughters wrote:
“In fulfilment of our Late Father’s intentions, we are pleased to say that we have decided to offer as a gift part of his collection of books reflecting his keen interest in ancient Egypt, which had developed thanks to his good acquaintance and frequent contacts with the Late Prof. Kazimierz Michałowski. The gift is donated to the Library of the Research Centre in Cairo.”
As they explained in the letter “For the purposes of the gift we have had all the books rebound in leather with appropriate stamping, the Sapieha ex-libris, repairing damaged pages and sewing. We hope that they will serve their purpose for many people of science and culture interested in Egypt.”
The collection of the Research Centre in Cairo will definitely pride itself on these fine books, which will remain a palpable mark of the Donator’s fine intentions.

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