Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean – Call for papers

Our journal Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean has made the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education list of evaluated Scientific Journals (4 points value).
Even as work on the forthcoming issue of Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean (PAM 21, Research 2009) is nearing the printing stage, we have been preparing for the next two PAM volumes. The deadline for PAM 22 (reports on research in the 2010 season) has been extended to include October 2012. The deadline for PAM 23 (reports on research in the 2011 season) is by the end of December 2012.
We also encourage researchers working with PCMA missions to submit research papers for the PAM Studies sections of both issues. We call for papers on issues related to PCMA-led research.
Please, keep in mind that the papers ought to be prepared according to our Guidelines available at the PAM Journal webpage, where you can also read about our reviewing procedures:
Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean For more information and in case of any queries please contact PAM editors at: pam.pcma@uw.edu.pl We are looking forward to hearing from you