New volume of Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean

The latest volume, Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean 20 (Research 2008) contains over 50 articles, including 26 reports from 16 sites studied by PCMA missions in the 2008 season..
A new feature introduced in this volume is a Studies section which follows the traditional Reports section. The Studies Section is intended to hold research articles on issues connected with PCMA research, the scope of which is wider than that of the current reports presented in the Reports section.
In PAM 20 (Research 2008), the Studies section is initiated with a collection of papers related to a conference “Continuity of sepulchral traditions and manifestations of mortuary practices in the archaeological record on cemetery sites in the Nile Delta” organized by the PCMA in 2005.
Abstracts of all articles from this volume are available online at the PAM Journal’s webpage Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean is available from the co-editor, Warsaw University Press.