Saqqara (Egypt), 2011

Saqqara (Egypt)

Dates of work: 1–23 September 2011

Director: Prof. Karol Myśliwiec (Institute of Mediterranean and Oriental Cultures, Polish Academy of Sciences)
SCA representative: Mohamed Hussein Mohamed Hendawi
Egyptologists: Dr. Kamil O. Kuraszkiewicz (Institute of Archaeology, University of Warsaw)
Archaeologist: Małgorzata Radomska (Institute of Mediterranean and Oriental Cultures)
Conservators: Mr. Zbigniew Godziejewski (National Museum in Warsaw), Urszula Dąbrowska (freelance; 2011) and Amr Abdelfatah Abdelsamia Shakel (Supreme Council of Antiquities, Cairo)

The main purpose of the excavations in 2010 was to complete the archaeological exploration of the area located between the enclosure of the “Step Pyramid” and the eastern edge of the “Dry Moat”. New burials from the Ptolemaic period were discovered in the Upper Necropolis layers and investigations were undertaken in some Old Kingdom tombs. In 2011, the mission limited its activities to conservation and studies of the finds. Like in previous campaigns, activities were focused on the area adjacent to the Djoser pyramid enclosure from its west side.

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K. Myśliwiec: