Iraqi Kurdistan (Iraq), 2014

Iraqi Kurdistan

Dates of work: 28 August–24 October 2014

Directors: Assoc. Prof. Dorota Ławecka, archaeologist (Institute of Archaeology, University of Warsaw)

(Joint description of seasons 2014 and 2015)

Work continued on the “Newcomers and Autochthons” project conducted within the framework of the UGZAR field project in the upper Greater Zab region in 2014–2015 (continued from 2012 and 2013). A preliminary recapitulation of the Late Chalcolithic 3–5 settlement pattern was possible, focusing on the so-called “Uruk expansion”, manifested in the presence of artifacts belonging to the southern Mesopotamian Uruk culture on some of the surveyed sites.

[Text: Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean 25]

D. Ławecka: