Chhîm and Jiyeh/Porphyreon (Lebanon), 2016

Chhîm and Jiyeh/Porphyreon

Dates of work: 4 September–6 October 2016

Director: Assist. Prof. Tomasz Waliszewski, archaeologist (Institute of Archaeology, University of Warsaw)
Archaeologists/specialists: Magdalena Antos (freelance); Michał Dzik (Institute of Archaeology, University of Rzeszów); Marcin Gostkowski, PhD candidate (Faculty of History, University of Warsaw); Mariusz Gwiazda, PhD candidate (Research Center for Antiquity of Southeastern Europe, University of Warsaw)
Ceramologists: Dr. Urszula Wicenciak (PCMA University of Warsaw), Piotr Makowski (PCMA University of Warsaw)
Geologist: Michał Ruszkowski (Faculty of Geology, University of Warsaw)
Documentalist: Marek Puszkarski (PCMA University of Warsaw); Elżbieta Strachocińska (freelance)

Celebrating 20 years of archaeological and conservation presence in Lebanon, the PCMA organized in cooperation with the Polish Embassy a conference and exhibition at the French Institute in Beirut. The exhibition, which opened on 20 September 2016, presented the results of excavations at the sites of Chhîm and Jiyeh/Porphyreon, the first a village in the mountains, the second a coastal city, both located to the south of Beirut in what was once southern Phoenicia. The work and the cooperation of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, which has done extensive conservtion work on ancient Roman mosaics and medieval church wall paintings at a number of sites, has resulted in a number of current research projects (see below, section B). The season in 2016 was devoted to specialist studies of the collected material from the joint excavations at Chhîm and Jiyeh/ Porphyreon, in preparation for the final publication of the two sites.

Text: Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean 26/1


T. Waliszewski: twaliszewski(at)