Research Centre in Cairo

The PCMA manages the Research Centre in Cairo, which acts on behalf of the community of Polish archaeologists, researchers and conservators, and ensures efficient management of Polish archaeological and conservation effort in Egypt. It represents Polish research interests in relations with the authorities responsible for antiquities in Egypt (SCA). The Research Centre in Cairo also provides facilities for holders of scholarships awarded by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Poland to students and PhD candidates in archaeology and ancient history.


Director: Dr. Artur OBŁUSKI

Elżbieta SMOLIŃSKA (assistant to the Director)
Marianna CHLEBOWSKA (assistant to the Director)


11, Mahalla (here, the Library)
tel.: (+20 2) 2415 62 78
fax: (+20 2) 2290 44 59

14, Nazih Khalifa (previously Baron Empain)
tel./fax: (+20 2) 2415 98 98
Cairo-Heliopolis, Egypt