Registration for UW students to “Introduction to Heritage Studies”

University of Warsaw students are invited to register for a general university subject taught by Dr Tomomi Fushiya of the PCMA UW. The second round of registration begins on 24 January.

  • [EN] „Introduction to Heritage Studies” – summer semester 2022/23, 30h, 3 ECTS, subject code: 4001-HERSTU-OG

Dr Tomomi Fushiya

Description of the course: It approaches archaeological, built, landscape, cultural and natural heritage from social, cultural, political and economic aspects. The students study key issues and approaches to heritage use, conservation and management. It also develops understanding of theoretical frameworks and methods concerning heritage and introduces various heritage practices in the global context. It discusses heritage in relation to human and cultural rights, heritage and learning, and draws attentions to the relevance of heritage in recent social movements. Thus, the course is relevant to not only archaeology but also broadly Humanities and Social Science disciplines. Throughout the course, it discusses with the students on roles of heritage in contemporary society.

Link to the course in USOS.