Archaeo-Oriental Studies Seminar: “Studies on visual strategies of archaeological data analysis”

At the next seminar by the Archaeo-Oriental Studies Research Group at the University of Warsaw Dr. Tomasz Michalik of the Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology, University of Warsaw, will give a talk “How to see the past? Studies on visual strategies of archaeological data analysis”.

Abstract: “Knowledge and power, as Michel Foucault noted, are strongly intertwined realities. The relationship between these spheres plays a large role, among others, during the research process. Although scientific research seems to be a highly controlled activity, in reality it is influenced by many factors that are not always consciously perceived. One of the methods that allows for gaining insights into the course of analytical processes is eye-tracking, from which it is possible to infer the functioning of visual attention. In the framework of the ongoing project, this method is used to gain an understanding of how different types of archaeological data are analysed. The talk will present preliminary results of an eye-tracking study on the analysis of magnetic data from the Soba site in Sudan by experts and laypeople, as well as a pilot project using oculography in teaching and studying the perception of representations of rulers.”

The seminar will take place (in Polish) on Monday, 6th June, at 11.30 am CET on Zoom: