Scholarship of the Minister of Education and Science for Dr. Marcin Kotyl

Today (23.06.2021) scholarships for outstanding young scientists were awarded at the Ministry of Education and Science. Among their recepients is Dr. Marcin Kotyl from the Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology of the University of Warsaw.

The scholarship is awarded to young scientists, i.e. persons without a doctoral degree or those who received a doctoral degree within the previous seven years, who have demonstrated significant achievements in their scientific activities. These include authoring a major publication, managing a research project or obtaining a foreign scholarship or internship abroad. This year, the scholarship was awarded to 217 young scholars.

Dr Marcin Kotyl specializes in Greek literary and do documentary papyrology; he analyzes, among others, texts concerning taxation and administration of Roman and Byzantine Egypt. He is the principal investigator in an National Science Centre grant project “Tax systems of Late Roman Egypt as seen through the prism of an unpublished register of taxpayers (P.Giss.inv.58A-L) and related documents from the 4th to 6th centuries AD.” In 2020, Dr. Kotyl published a monograph with DeGruyter Publishers and received a Post-Doctoral Fellowship from the Humboldt Foundation.

Among the recepients of this year’s scholarship is also Julia M. Chyla, a PhD student at the University of Warsaw, who is currently holding a scholarship with the PCMA UW-affiliated AFRIPAL project investigating the archaeological site of Mustis in Tunisia.

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