Lecture in RC Cairo: Latest discoveries in Asasif

The PCMA UW Research Centre in Cairo organized another lecture for expedition members and scholarship holders residing in the Centre. DR. Patryk Chudzik presented on the subject of “The latest discoveries in the Middle Kingdom tombs of the North Asasif necropolis”.

The North Asasif necropolis is located in the heart of Western Thebes, next to the great bay of Deir el-Bahari. For the past seven years, the early Middle Kingdom funerary complexes of high officials located at the site have been investigated by a PCMA UW expedition, shining new light on the eleventh-dynasty burial assemblages and the funerary architecture of this period, as well as its reusing in later times. Exploration of the courtyards and underground structures of the tombs led to the discovery of extraordinary and uncommon objects, among which are Nile crocodile remains and “teacher boards”.

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