Guest lecture: Spanish archaeological activities in Tyre

The organizers of the  “Poles in the Near East” archaeological conference have the pleasure of announcing a guest lecture accompanying the conference. Dr Francisco J. Núñez will present the results of over 20 years of excavations in Tyre, Lebanon.

Dr Núñez specializes in the study of Levantine pottery from the Iron and late Bronze Age. Currently he co-directs the Lebanese-Spanish project in Tyre and cooperates with the PCMA mission in Chhim and Jiyeh. He worked at various Lebanese sites, including Kharayeb and Beirut.

Since 1997 the Universitat Pompeu Fabra of Barcelona has carried out a long-term project of archaeological research in Tyre (Lebanon). Supervised by Professor María Eugenia Aubet and in collaboration with the General Directorate of Antiquities of Lebanon, those activities have focused in two particular sites. On the one hand the Phoenician cemetery of al-Bass, used for about five hundred years and an excellent example, among other aspects, of the Phoenician funerary ritual.

Regarding the second project, it is complementary to the previous one and focuses on a sector of the ancient island of Tyre, in particular, in its highest point, namely, its ‘Acropolis’. This site, of urban nature and already excavated by Emir M. Chehab in the seventies, has produced, not only the oldest remains of the city of Tyre, but also of a public area that functioned as such, at least, from the Iron Age to the arrival of the Byzantine period.

24 May, 5.30 p.m. and the Institute of Archaeology, University of Warsaw, room 210

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