Tell Saadiya

Tell Saadiya

Tell as-Saadiya, Tell es-Saadiya, Tell el-Saadiya
  • Project name:

    Hamrin Dam Salvage Project

  • Site type:

    Settlement site


    Middle-eastern Iraq
    Dijala River region
    Jebel Hamrin


    – Late phase of the Ubaid culture (Chalcolithic period, end of the 5th millennium BC–first half of the 4th millennium BC (c. 4000–3800 BC)
    – Residual traces from the Sassanid/Early Islamic period

Most interesting finds:

– Children’s burials in urns with lids
– Painted pottery vessels
– A collection of stone tools

History of research:

Salvage excavations were conducted as part of the Hamrin Dam Salvage Project. Work at the site had been interrupted in 1980 by the outbreak of Iran–Iraq war and was never resumed afterwards.

Dates of PCMA research:


Type of research:


Project director:

Stefan Karol Kozłowski
Piotr Bieliński


– Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology of the University of Warsaw
– Directorate of Antiquities of the Republic of Iraq

Description of site and research results:

Tell as-Saadiya is located on the left bank of Dijala, on the river terrace near Saadiya. The tell is about 85 km long, 75 m wide, rises more than 2.5 m above the level of the terrain and covers about 0.6 ha. From the north and west the sides of the hill were damaged by digging related to the building of the dam. A modern-day cemetery occupies the majority of the site. The work which concentrated on the southern and central part of the hill uncovered about 220 m2.

Project bibliography:

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