Berenike 2008–2009

  • Steven E. Sidebotham, Iwona Zych (eds), Berenike 2008–2009. Report on the Excavations at Berenike, Including a Survey in the Eastern Desert (=PCMA Excavation Series 1), Warsaw: PCMA, 2011

    Warsaw 2011
    ISBN 978-83-903796-2-3
    210 pages
    Soft cover

    This tome, the first in a new Excavation Series published by the PCMA, represents a renewed committment to the Ptolemaic-Roman emporium of Berenike on the Red Sea coast of Egypt. Initially, Berenike was a principal entrepot for the importation of elephants, ivory and gold for the Ptolemaic government. In Roman times the expanded volume and variety of merchandise was more commercial and civilian in nature.

    The Berenike Project, now a joint American-Polish endeavor, builds and expands upon surveys and excavations conducted at this site and its environs by an American-Dutch team between 1994 and 2001.

    The results of two short field seasons appear here. While some of the chapters are brief reports, which will appear in fuller form elsewhere, others are more expansive and detailed. The material contained herein should be useful to those interested in many aspects of Hellenistic-Roman ports in general, and the Eastern Desert and Red Sea coast in particular. The volume should also appeal to readers with a wider interest in the ancient cultural and economic exchanges between the Mediterranean basin and the Hellenistic-Roman world on the one hand, and the peoples and cultures situated along the littorals and in the hinterlands of the Red Sea and Indian Ocean basin on the other during the course of eight centuries.

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