Smelting Indian steel – an archaeological experiment

An attempt at reconstructing the process of smelting ancient Indian steel will be made during an experiment at the State Archaeological Museum in Warsaw. It will be held as part of the metallurgic panel during the Red Sea 8 conference  organized by the Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology, University of Warsaw.

The panel will take a look at metalworking technologies from prehistoric times to the Islamic period. A workshop organized as part of the session will conduct an experiment aimed at reconstructing the unknown process of melting hypereuctectoid steel, commonly known as Indian steel, in its variant produced in antiquity between 300 BC and AD 600. Participants will observe the preparation of a melting crucible and the actual melting process, as well as see the results — if successful. The discussion and presentations will concern metal as a resource as well as metal objects as a category.


Smelting experiment

> Thursday, 6 July 2017 r. 1 p.m.

State Archaeological Museum in Warsaw

Długa st 52


Open to Museum visitors with a valid ticket