Conference: Poles in the Near East

The Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology and the Institute of Archaeology, University of Warsaw are co-organizing a conference on University of Warsaw research in the Near East. The conference Poles in the Near East” will take place on 1–3 April 2016 in the Institute of Archaeology.

We extend the invitation to actively participate in a scientific session: Poles in the Near East – archaeological excavations, studies, conservation will take place on 2–3 April 2016 to all members of University of Warsaw missions to the – broadly understood – Near East and to scholars working on material from these excavations. The session’s aim is to provide a broad overview of the scope of Polish archaeological research and conservation endeavors in Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Turkmenistan, the Gulf and Transcaucasia countries. We welcome research studies, excavation syntheses and analyses of material related to the work of University of Warsaw mission at these sites.

The papers will be presented in Polish and cannot exceed 20 minutes. The session will be held in hall 210 of the Institute of Archaeology (University of Warsaw Main Campus). Proposals can be submitted by 1 March 2016 to dr Zuzanna Wygnanska ( ) the conference co-ordinator. They must include the paper’s title and abstract.

Papers presented at the conference can be submitted for publication in the Special Studies fascicle of the Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean, volume 26 (due to be published in 2017). 

The conference “Poles in the Near East” accompanies the opening of an exhibition Endangered Heritage. Syria and Iraq in the Research of the Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology”.

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