Exhibition of papyri in the Archaeological Museum in Kraków

A new exhibition “Egyptian sands speak (not only) in Greek” presents a collection of 26 papyri held by the Rafał Taubenschlag Foundation. It is complemented with plates presenting Egyptian and Sudanese archaeological sites excavated by the PCMA UW, which yielded epigraphic finds.

The display aims at familiarizing the public with this largest of the Polish papyri collections and introducing it to the intricate restoration and conservation practices essential for papyri preservation and storage.

The exhibition will take place in the Archaeological Museum in Kraków, ul. Poselska 3, from 13 April till October 2014.

Organizers: the Rafał Taubenschlag Foundation and Department of Papyrology, University of Warsaw. Authors: Joanna Wegner, Paweł Nowakowski, Paulina Wach, Tomasz Derda and Konstantinos Balamoshev.

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